About Me

Ben Rubenstein
Iím all about content Ė writing it, editing it, and making it work online. Whether Iím crafting a 1,000-word article, typing a 140-character Tweet, or planning and managing content for a large-scale website, my focus is the same: telling a good story in a way that meets the needs of the audience. Iíve plied my trade in the media industry (both entertainment and tech), in the non-profit world, and in the halls of higher education -- for my full professional story, check me out on LinkedIn or download my resume.

When Iím not staring at a computer screen or discussing why others stare at computer screens (I recently completed a master's degree in New Media Studies) Iím an amateur recipe-follower, unabashed crossword addict and obsessive sports fan.

In case youíre wondering, yes, I did once edit an article on How to Catch a Chipmunk. Let me know if it works.

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